My wife has just lost 50 to a horrific scam, in which Google presented a fraudulent web site at the top of a search for the driving licence site in the UK. is the site in question.

Clearly, the scammer paid Google to have their site listed before the proper government web site. This fake site tricks people into paying what they think is the fee for the driving licence.

I think Google is responsible for this crime, by promoting a fraudulent site, and they should give us the money back if the scammer refuses to pay it back.

Updated 23 January 2014
The fake sites are currently not showing at all in the first two pages on Google. If this is because Google have done something about the complaints I know they were getting, thank you!

Updated 08 July 2014
The Register reports that five people have been arrested in connection with fake sites relating to passports, driving tests and car tax discs.